Boutilier Genealogy

The Boutiliers married into the Murrants  in 1835. Anne Boutilier married Thomas (junior) Murrant. She was born in Sydney, died in South head and is buried beside  Thomas in the old church yard, Christ Church in South head, Nova Scotia.The surname of BOUTILIER was derived from the Old French 'bouteiller' the servant in charge of the wine-cellar.

Here are some connections to other Boutilier related families MacKay 

Peach Genealogy

The  Murrant family and the Peach family were neighbors at South Head and settled there about the same time. After the best land in the area had been granted., both families were forced to the  South head of Morien Bay where the land was poor, windswept, desolate and  would grow little more than sheep.

The following has been extracted from the Peach genealogy:

“According to the best information available, two Peach Brothers, ANDREW and ROBERT, left the Shire of Somerset, England, about 1785. ANDREW settled in Newfoundland. ROBERT married Jane Andrews and settled in Sydney.

 JAMES PEACH and  ROBERT PEACH (sons of the Robert), settled at South Head. JAMES PEACH had his legs frozen at sea while fishing one winter and had them removed. He spent the rest of his life walking on stumps, covered with a kind of leather shoe. ROBERT also spent his life as a fishermen at South Head. THOMAS PEACH, the third son, established himself in Big Lorraine and raised a family there.”

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Copperwater Creek

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Severance Genealogy ISBN 978-0-7884-0357-6 A genealogy of the severance family in North America. Hannah Murrant daughter of Thomas senior married William Daniel Severance, a seventh generation North American.

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