John Peters

was born June 30, 1740 in Hebron , Connecticut, USA and died January 04, 1788 in London England.  He married ANN BARNET November 25, 1761 in Hebron, Connecticut, USA.

Ann Bernet

was born in Hebron, Connecticut on 30 April 1740 and died in Cape Breton, probably in Sydney or Baddeck in 1827.


Why are John Peters and Ann Bernet important to this genealogy? For two reasons, one, they were the grandparents of five children raised by Thomas Murrant, and two, all future generations of Thomas and Aurelia are related to these children and their descendants.

Lt Col. John Peter's ancestry has been recorded back to Sir John Peters of Cornwall, England in the mid 1300's. W William Peters, his great, great, grandfather was born in Boston in 1634. He was probably the first-born North American in the family, so Lt. Col. John Peter's family had been in North America for more than 100 years when John and Ann relocated from New England to Canada at the time of the American Revolution. John's great, grandfather William was killed by Indians around 1696.

John was born in Hebron in 1740 and commanded the Queens Loyal Rangers during the American Revolution.  At 21, he and Ann Barnet married in November 1761. They had nine children, 7 born in New England and two born in Canada. There were 8 boys and the last was a girl, Ann. William, the third son died in 1773 at seven years and the next child born after his death (1775) was named after him, William Barnet Tryon (Bryon)

John and family moved to Canada and ultimately settled in Baddeck, Nova Scotia, in 1784.  The last two children were born in Montreal and Quebec City, so they likely lived there for a while before moving to Nova Scotia.

For some unknown reason, John was not pleased with the treatment he received from the military, and he was probably protesting when he died in London, England in 1788 at the age of 48. He left his wife Ann with three children 13 years and younger, Ann who was 6, Joseph, 9 and William, 13 years of age.

It had been reported, but not confirmed that John had a monument erected to his honor in  England.

In 1789, Ann, his widow, petitioned for a grant of land for herself and 5 of her children, listed as Henry Moore, Edmond Fanning, William Barnet, Joseph and Ann. These were obviously the children still at home at the time. The land was described as 1100 acres on four lots in the town of Sydney and along the Louisburg road. This land is not shown as described on the land grant maps, which were printed at a later date. In the same year, her son Andrew petitioned for a grant of land, 300 acres, also along the Louisburg road.

More than 20 years later, Aurelia, Ann's widowed daughter-in-law, applied for the land supposedly granted her husband, Henry, adjacent to a Lucy Cameron. The land grant maps of the period do not show a Lucy Cameron and the records show that Aurelia's petition was "postponed".

There is personal correspondence on file from Ann, then residing in Sydney, to her son John who was residing in Baddeck, wherein she complains of the lack of provisions and the difficulty in obtaining them.

There are a number of IGI records for each of Ann's children and most of them refer to her as Ruth, Ruth Ann, or Ann. In later years she simply referred to herself as Ann Barnet Peters.


JOHN PETERS and ANN BARNET had the following children:

           i.    JOHN PETERS, b. April 26, 1762, Hebron, Tolland, Connecticut, USA.

           ii.    ANDREW BARNET PETERS, b. January 29, 1764, Hebron, Tolland,

                  Connecticut, USA; d. August 10, 1851.

          iii.    WILLIAM PETERS, b. December 12, 1766, Orange Co., Vermont; d. 1773,

                   Hebron Connecticut, USA.

          iv.    SAMUEL PETERS, b. June 24, 1768, Orange Co., Vermont; d. August 09, 

                 1812, Sydney, Nova Scotia; m. CATHERINE GRANT.

           v.    HENRY MOORE PETERS, b. April 30, 1770, Piermont, Grafton, New

                  Hampshire USA d. May 1808, Cow Bay, Nova Scotia; m. (1) TAMAR BLISS;

                  m. (2) AURELIA PAYNE, Aft. 1792.

          vi.    EDMUND FANNING PETERS, b. May 07, 1773, Bedford, Orange,

                  Vermont, USA.

         vii.    WILLIAM BARNET BRYON PETERS, b. May 10, 1775, Orange Co.,

                  Vermont, USA, d. Portland Maine.



There are several IGI records of the birth of William, all with the same first names but each one with a different version of "TRYON". Each variant contains a different first letter, I think it was probably "BRYON" ?


        viii.    JOSEPH PETERS, b. November 11, 1779, Montreal, Quebec; d. 1843,

                  London, England.

          ix.    ANN BARNET PETERS, b. January 18, 1782, Montreal, Quebec; m.

                  WILLIAM WATSON, June 17, 1802, Sydney, Nova Scotia.


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