John Payne

was born April 13, 1751 in Coventry, Tolland, Connecticut, and died July 25, 1814 in the Madeleine Islands.  He married LYDIA TISDALE May 17, 1775 in the First Congregational Church, Lebanon Conn.


John  was probably Captain John Payne. He left the USA and moved to Cape Breton in 1788 and settled in Cow Bay, Cape Breton . He moved frequently, possibly the result of his occupation. He was in the Madeiline Islands in 1802, Ingonish in 1811 and he witnessed the second marriage of his daughter Sophia to William Commons in the Catholic Church in the Madeilenes in 1814. He probably died there.

Correspondence would seem to indicate that he was a boat builder, a mast builder or had a skill related to the marine industry.  He was apparently unhappy with his relocation to Cape Breton, likely a "reluctant loyalist". One can speculate that he had a trade valuable to the British and was forced to relocate to Cow Bay to aid war efforts.


Lydia Tisdall

was born on March 15, 1745 likely in Connecticut and probably died in the Madeiline islands.

There was a lady, legendary in New England, called Widow Walker. I believe she was born in Weymouth, Dorset, England about 1596. She had a family while in England and sometime after she was widowed, moved to the frontier in the American colonies.  Lydia is one of her descendants.


John Payne and Lydia Tisdale had the following family:

            i.   JAMES PAYNE, m. ANN MUGGAH, June 09, 1822, St George's Anglican,

                 Sydney, Nova Scotia.

           ii.   LAURA PAYNE, m. NATHANIEL SPENCER, March 25, 1801.

          iii.   TISDALL PAYNE.

          iv.   SOPHIA PAYNE, b. Abt. 1776, probably in Lebanon Conn., USA; d. April 

                 20, 1857, Madeleine Islands; m. (1) JAMES GOOLD; m. (2) WILLIAM

                  COMMONS, July 23, 1814, Madeleine Islands.

           v.   AURELIA PAYNE, b. Abt. 1784, Connecticut, USA; d. 1846, South Head,

                 Cow Bay, Cape Breton; m. (1) HENRY MOORE PETERS, Aft. 1792; m. (2)

                 THOMAS (SENIOR) MURRANT, April 28, 1812, St George's Anglican

                  Church, Sydney.

               vi.   WILLIAM PAYNE, b. July 28, 1786. He was baptized on June 01, 1789,

                     in St George's Anglican Church in Sydney and 21 July 1808 he, together

                      with William Commons, his brother-in-law petitioned for 500 acres of  

                     land in Ingonish, Cape Breton.

         vii.   GEORGE PAYNE, b. January 19, 1789. He was baptised on June 01, 1789,

                  at  St George's Anglican Church in Sydney.



The ancestry of Aurelia and the Payne’s has been traced back to southern England, principally in the area of Frittenden and Tenterden Kent.


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